Culinary Enlightenments – Iceland Cuisine

This summer while I was in Iceland, I had numerous surprises in restaurants; for example I had no IDEA people eat puffins. Yes, puffins the adorable penguin like bird that looks more like a house pet than a wild animal. Obviously I didn’t even glance twice at that part of the menus. Generally speaking icelanders…

On the Streets of Reykjavík

On the Streets of Reykjavík

That’s my sister on the right, she’s sitting in a really awkward pose because, and quote ” The pants are white, and I love them too much and dirt is not an option.” So yeah that explains her pose. haha

I’m standing but I’m floating!

I'm standing but I'm floating!

I will be posting some photos of my exciting summer vacation trip to Iceland for the rest of the week. I think it was by far the most unexpected journey; not really because of where it is geographically, but the culture, the architecture, the food! Oh the food…