For me, pink is the trickiest color of the whole existence of colors, now it all sounds like words coming out of a four year old, but that’s how I feel when it comes to pinks.

My lip color enthusiasm is very recent, it wasn’t until a few months back that I realized that playing with lip products could turn out to be fun and practical; so in this recent months I have collected some awesome lip products that i feel comfortable in…and so among these colors there are the pinks…

I successfully endured myself on a hunt for pinks that wouldn’t make me look like a barbie doll, it just isn’t my thing (on the personal note: I don’t like strong lip colors) and so to this day I can proudly say that I own some great pinks that actually work and don’t say “HEY LOOK AT ME”.

If you’re like me, then you will find this colors to match your style really well, I always try to look for a color that can go with everything but can still work bold on it’s own.

Technically this color isn’t considered to be Pink but I decided to choose this because I’m in love with the texture and feel of it, it’s the Fairest Nude by L’oreal. 
The color is a neutral nude but when applied it turns into a toned kind of faded pink. This is a great color when wearing dark color makeup or just wanting to style the nude.


This little sucker is my personal favorite, it’s the first lipstick I bought on my own (jokes on me) and I feel proud because I think I got it right with the color.

It’s the Revlon lip butter in the color Berry Smoothie

The shade is between and fair plummy color mixed with a neutral pink.

It’s  a nice wearable lip balm that   works with a casual day look.


I recently have developed a minor obsession for everything coral, so I came upon this Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in the color Apple Polish that isn’t exactly a coral, but I like to think it is XD

What drives me crazy about this shade is its glow, it doesn’t really shimmer but it creates a glow combined with it’s unique color and voila!

I like to apply this anytime I feel like wearing something really colorful and fun


For the last month, every time I go out with friends, specially at night I apply this magic tool on my lips and I’m ready!

This is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the color Smitten.

The shade looks really dark, but when applied it turn into a dark plum/pink stain? I don’t know how to explain this color but it’s absolutely beautiful, and I’m crazy over the fact that it looks so natural because it works as a stain rather than a lipstick B)


Ladies and gents, this is what I like to call my guilty pleasure.

I’m not a fan of dark shades on my lips but this lipstick is the exception; it’s called Passion Fruit from the Esteé Lauder Crystal Shimmer collection.

To say it’s from a collection that shimmers, is not important, because the actual shimmer is not even there, and that makes me happy.

This is a more refined and sophisticated plum color, it looks gorgeous on the lips and as a plus, it kind of makes the lips look fuller (at least for me)

a little extra: my interest in lip colors has grown due to the fact that sometimes you can be able to pull off a nice clean lipstick, balm or stain without having to plaster your face with other makeup products.


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