The absence of exploration

“The Universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition”  -Carl Sagan

Image   Energy is the basis of cultural complexity and human interaction. We drive around, reaching our destinations, we walk among thousands of individuals daily, we interact, we survive. Our race is as diverse as insects, whom share notable characteristics between each other.  We move about, by walking and the insects move around by flying and sometimes swimming; but I don’t want to get carried away by comparing a person with a termite, although both attack and assist on daily work.

Through out my years, I’ve discovered that time is running out incredibly fast, most people don’t immerse themselves with this fact, which is not a bad thing, yet most  of  us spend hours, days, months and years wasting energy in irrelevant things that in the long run, won’t assist in our growth as a human being. If we observe ourselves closer than our eyes can manage, our cells and tissues are constantly generating electrical fields! We generate energy, we are capable of spending more time understanding our body like a botanist would with algae, yet we waste time with little insignificant things that cloud our mind from what t should really be thinking.

This thought is quite demanding, but I’m sure we are far more gifted that what we’ve seen through out the centuries.  Science and technology are at a very interesting stage right now, we’re breaking barriers that are making people question their believes of  life and that is worth applauding to. But we can’t let our fellow scientist buddies explore and encounter by themselves. We can also play an active role on the development of new ideas, which could easily follow up to new ways of living. Why do we drown ourselves in everyday problems? And I want to clarify, that by problems I mean: gossip, hate, greed, compulsion, obsession, habits and the list could go on.

We should realize that there are far greater things to take into consideration in this world. We could perfect the practice of having a good time, but also work as a community to construct a better society like ants for example. ( won’t let the insect relevance rest) The night is always glistening with fainting star lights and moon shadows, so why don’t you let your phone rest and question and embark on that beauty? I understand we are complex and with that we carry a heavy luggage of troubled thoughts, but we can meditate, we can choose to ignore all that society has made us depend on.

The modern age is slowly stealing  our precious time, it’s consuming us like working robots, it’s not letting us develop skills, it’s not letting us cherish nature as our go to ally, instead it makes us visit the store and roam around admiring what their tying to sell us.  We’re greater than we think, but there’s something off with this way of living. We need to keep our minds active, we can’t fall under the spell of “I know what I need to know, let me stop learning”.

The sad part is, the universe isn’t really waiting for us, it’s brilliantly computing as it always has and what are we doing? Computing and working for the ones who  are taking away something extraordinary from us, our liberty to go further.


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