A casual concern


I like to believe there’s reasonable understanding for the consequences my island has come to suffer in the last 6 years, but unfortunately it has come to my attention that the dwelling pain of watching the news every morning and having to listen to such problematic conflicts is  tiresome and unhealthy. I find myself frowning on my way to class sometimes, which is something that shouldn’t be happening to a journalism student on her way to fiding her purpose  in this world.

 I’m not the only one who’s suffeing, your neighbor is suffering, your dentist is suffering, your educator is also suffering from this paradoxical situation that  many are trying to understand and put into written words.

 For any  reader who doesn’t  understand the political organization and status of puerto Rico, I’ll be brief to explain so you can understand where I want to go with this.

 Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth associated with the United States, the head of goverment is elected by the people and that’s alright, now when it comes to internal affairs the island has all the authority, U.S controls just about everything that isn’t well…internal like the constitutionality of laws, commerce, military bases, currency, jurisdictions, communications, etc.

In other words, we’re a state without some revenues, that are reserved for the  ACTUAL states.

Now to me,  the governing body of our island is going throught a bad case of the popular identity crisis that has lasted, until now, a slow toll of 6 years. Government is selling off its assets to cover massive debts, we’re plagued by violent crime (mainly related to drugs) every day at every hour and unemployment keeps rising. The economic meltdown that newspapers were predicting a few years ago is taking over our everyday lifes.

 It may come off as extreme or even euphoric but we can’t deny that our situation isn’t going to get any better while we’re not AWARE of how these so called senators are managing our capita, the people’s funds.  First off there’s this never ending parade of highly marked political and social divisions that are directly affecting any type of partneship that could be created to propose even the most simple communitary solution within the legislative and executive body.

 Other than the everyday political frenzy, we also have to deal with politicians who whine if their $70,000 salary is affected by the elimination of expenses on their diets and transportation.

 Mr. Pierluisi did you ever wonder how a single mother can manage a $1,750 salary while arranging a responsible education for her children without compensating her hard work with luxurious cars and vacations to the states? Because the island has been now suffering a economical decline, people are desperate to earn the extra green, and I don’t blame them; but when it causes many to act upon desperate measures and a pattern appears, we have to worry.

Last week started off horribly wrong, The Retirement System arrested a total of  75 people whom were filling out retirement benefit forms without actually having any type of incapacity to perform labor. Who are these people following as leaders? It can’t possibly be the circus buddies we have in el Capitolio, could it? In this era of amazing and beautiful ways of communication we lack the courage to ask the right questions. Why is our island going through this?

We can’t only blame the political parties. Who are we voting for? Erase from your memory the silly campaign uprising when a new leader is to be elected.

The BLUE won’t be better than the RED and vicecersa. It isn’t even about a Coupd’état (Golpe de Estado). As a community of intelligent people we have to rise to our highest form of power and DEMAND what is needed.

We have to become hardworking people, coupons shouldn’t even be allowed to be giving to half of the people that receive them, since it already created a pattern of  sustaintment that doesn’t work, the system should either be eliminated or only aproved for a certain amount of people who will work hard to escalate to a paying employment.

ImageThis island is overflowing with families who have no vision of a better life or education for their children, those same children grow to hate and retain disdain for others, leading them to follow unwanted and easy paths for obtaining money, here enters a topic I wish to leave for another day.

I don’t agree with  acquaintances who basically bash the island’s status and then refuse to acknowledge how important they really are to the future of our island’s well being, we are constantly refusing to understand that together we can show our “responsible government” what we’re capable of.


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