The easy way out

  I never imagined how difficult it would be for me to reason with myself and, remember how I’m slowly but, willingly starting to become an adult. I walk around campus with a fast stride, wanting to reach the classroom on time and I sometimes glance around at other students, they hang around, they commute, talk on the phone and plan their weekend. Others slouch around, miss class, never turn in assignments and if some of them do reach the classroom it seems like they slouch themselves in the chair with a heavy wrecking ball locked to their ankle. This terrifies me.

I’m not the brightest bulb around, I try to maintain my high GPA, I try to participate in class and still be able to go out with friends, but it terrifies me how many students who are giving the opportunity to study and learn, throw it all away. The price of education is extremely expensive, so the privileged group seems to NEVER consider their situation to be a lucky one. My university is diverse, meaning their are numerous students working hard to earn their degree and be able to become their better selfs in the future, and others whom walk around with ghostly appearances and follow the crowd, trying not to stand out as the “slouchers”.

These “slouchers” contaminate the atmosphere, it may sound rude, but I mean it. I try to be as understanding and I always try too analyze if their’s a reason for why this group behaves like they do, but I can’t seem to find it. They walk around skipping classes, laughing at your concern for a good grade, dropping out, repeating courses, drowning their parents into school loans, and the list goes on and on.

This behavior is common where I live, it seems to me like these people are scooping around trying to find a way to not work hard, and so this group is part responsible for our current unemployment rate of 13%. I understand that my island is small, it’s almost overpopulated, and every year it gets harder to find stable employment in specific areas, but I believe that by working hard for what we want,  can take us further away from becoming part of a negative statistic.

I don’t mean to say that we have to graduate and leave, I mean to say that we should prepare ourselves and face the real world like new comers, wanting to make the difference. The easy way out always finds its way of catching up with us, even if it takes five years, nothing earned with an easy stride is ever a good idea.


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