There are places I remember

The most astonishing fact about traveling: When I arrived at Iceland in the summer of 2012 , I knew my one week vacation was going to be a personal getaway; it was all about a  faraway foreign land, a friendly one at least, that captivated my senses and polished my memory skills. I took around four hundred pictures, but needless to say, the streets and their fixed pavement, the aroma of fresh fish, the folkloric music coming out of dimmed light pubs are traces of things I’m lucky to remember.

By the third day I confidently folded the city map on my pocket and walked around, remembering avenues, buildings, sings, tress, bookstores and restaurants. I was filled with new pictures in my mind, and it made me feel at ease, maybe this “memory” game became my relaxing therapy, and so this therapy helped me enjoy my stay with a different perspective. When I flew back home, I had this images and scenes playing in my head like  slow motion pictures. I cherish memories more than photographs, in the end this memories you chose to never forget are original and intact in your brain,  I’m never giving up this gift we have, it’s about finding details and keeping them locked in. It’s about discovering new things and taking them with you, wherever you go.



I even picked up some icelandic local slang words along the way, now I didn’t exactly accomplish anything with this last thing, icelanders use original viking terms, and well Vikings are individuals that I am yet to understand, so you wouldn’t want to imagine how complex and foreign those words sounded!



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