Street Art Finding its Cause and Freedom in Puerto Rico

Last week Santurce, Puerto Rico held its 4th celebration of the “Santurce es Ley” (Santurce is Law) festival. For the 4th time


in a row urban and independent artist came together to re-establish themselves as the biggest contemporary artistic movement the island has seen in the last 4 years. Santurce is formally known as the artists nest, a city that is active in the art and cultural scene. During the weekend of the 5th of april a number of artist were able to paint murals in Cerra Street, an area of Santurce that is portrayed to be dirty and inhospitable



The murals mainly represented high cultural ideas, local abstract mojo’s and adrift imagery. The task was also to promote cultural and social awareness.The contrast of amazing colors with abandoned areas at first not too appealing, captured the attention of locals and tourist. The complimented art scene was also a hang-out spot for the student-contemporary crowd during the night, music and drinks added to the peaceful-funky atmosphere.

Following another successful year (2013) Santurce es Ley has solidified it’s position as the primary exposure of emerging contemporary art and creative programs in Puerto Rico.



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