Novel Rant #1

This month has finally been a busy one, when I say ‘finally’ I mean it. For two weeks now I have been able to avoid the pit in which I was about to fall into, when I found myself reading Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. This epic novela is exactly what I don’t need right now. I’m not going to mention how many characters it has, or how much time it takes for me to put the book down and get some work done for a change. The delightful, yet sinful Anna keeps calling my name telling me to finish her tragic story, but I have so much to do!

I know I sound crazy or just neurotic right now, but that’s what this novel does to you. After finishing War & Peace I promised myself to read Karenina, I regret it ! It is a marvelous novel, amazing imagery, in depth characters, momentanous dialogue and beautiful descriptions of aristocratic hats! But the 21th century is lurking in my window, telling me to power up my computer and scribble away. All I can do at the moment is prey for this ‘hell week’ to be over, welcome my christmas vacation with a bit of wine and enter into the world of Anna Karenina and hope that the lights stay dimmed, so I can imagine my 19th century Russian wonderland with great lighting once again. 


OH! I almost forgot!  To my surprise there is also this happening in theaters soon:



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