Russian novels: not letting me live, but need to keep going.


No one ever warmed me about the consequences of starring to read a Leo Tolstoy novel, and having the need to finish it, making you feel like it’s an accomplishment but then again wanting to NOT finish it. Well, for the past few weeks the only names in my head that echo when there is silence in the room are : Princess Anna Pavlovna , Prince Andrei, Boris, Pierre, Nathasha, Nikolai! Oh, what a tedious race to learn every aspect of the characters, but what a joy in reading such rich text, filled with well developed dialogue. I don’t regret starting the novel, but I don’t want this story to end. Understandable? I don’t know. Many have said that War & Peace is not historically accurate or has an extensive plot that for readers, is hard to follow.

Now I know what they were talking about, but I don’t think it was very easy for a young creative Tolstoy to be able to write a “perfect” novel with perfect historical context and maintaining a great plot consistency at the same time. I’m giving myself the pleasure of reading it with it’s imperfections, and it has turned out to be a brilliant read! The Russian aristocracy that Tolstoy presents is wonderful and ridiculous with a bit of sarcasm! I wonder if he felt like a child with an empty canvas, freedom and a great idea. That’s what he did with these characters whom are the heart of the novel. The actual themes of war and peace are a solid base and it makes the work feel heavier but richer.

Dear Reader: If you ever decide to read War & Peace, I recommend you to have a paper and pen with you, just so you don’t get lost.

In other news: here is Anna Karenina !



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