Culinary Enlightenments – Iceland Cuisine

This summer while I was in Iceland, I had numerous surprises in restaurants; for example I had no IDEA people eat puffins. Yes, puffins the adorable penguin like bird that looks more like a house pet than a wild animal. Obviously I didn’t even glance twice at that part of the menus. Generally speaking icelanders enjoy lamb very much, they have a variety of selections on that meat which was DELICIOUS. And don’t even get me started on pastry!

I had this traditional pastry called a Klenia, it’s basically a fried dough bun of some sort but with a perfect texture, and it’s twisted so it come off as little cute knot 🙂

Next off, I want to point out my experience eating an Icelandic hot dog XD First off, it’s by far one of the best hotdogs I have ever tasted, and not being a big fan of that meat says a lot.

The main city has this famous hot dog or pylsur stand, and it’s known one of Iceland’s most famous “restaurants” which is awesome! The hot dog is very thin but taste incredibly light, which is perfect because you can choose from a variety of different toppings. My personal favorite combination was their homemade mayonnaise and mustard. B)



Yes so this picture shows me struggling to have that first bite of the biggest hamburger I have ever eaten…

But it was so incredibly tasty and juicy.


This  is the first official plate of a typical Icelandic meal I ordered. It’s smashed fish with lamb ham, rye bread (butter), and fresh veggies with vinaigrette dressing. Yum!


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