Let’s talk about pets

Mostly, pets make a nice picture of the family portrait. They come in all sizes and colors, dogs for example are the #1 pets all around the world. They are loyal to their master, playful, but grumpy at times. They’re forever grateful to you, because unlike humans their heart is bashed with wet kisses to give all around the household without asking for something in return. Our furry friends are ideal partners, and seem to grow a personality depending on their masters own way of being: they look at us like role models most of the time (at least that’s how I see it)

Being around dogs since my early years has given me the experience to understand them as animals with basic instincts and as pets with plenty of energy to play all day and night. This post doesn’t have a particular issue or anything, I just wanted to brag a bit about them 🙂 Down below is actually my new pug puppy  : Robie Hendrix she is my early christmas present and the best by far.

A few tips for a good Puppy Care:

-When going to sleep, they are like babies. Spent some time with him/her before going to sleep in the bed, and then design a little rest area for the puppy near your own bed. (They feel safe to know you are close by)

-Engage on playtime (anytime) when you are free. Playtime+Tiredness= good rest

-They look for warmth all the time, if they get close to you don’t move the puppy away, they really want to be near you.

-A good bath time for them is around 12 in the afternoon, usually I bathe her with mild warm water they tend to shiver a bit if the water is to cold.

-Call him or her by their name constantly, that way from a very early stage they can respond to you easily.


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about pets

  1. I have a pug. And she was exactly as you describe puppies, always wanting to be near and safe and warm. haha she isn’t a puppy anymore but she is still adorable. good luck with your pug adventures 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks! haha “Pug Aventures” is actually a good name for a photo album of her. I probably be posting lots of pictures of her in puppy state, so you can remember the early years of your own pug 😀

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